Damon braces are a ligature-free orthodontic system that straightens your teeth with less pressure and tension.

Each Damon bracket features a trapdoor design, which allows the subtle archwire to “glide” within it, so there’s no firm pressure on any specific tooth. As a result, there aren’t any colorful rubber bands needed, either! Your teeth gradually respond to the memory wire design, slowly shifting together rather than only a few teeth being pushed and pulled.

Clear/Ceramic Brackets That Blend In

When you need a traditional orthodontic system to align your smile effectively and efficiently, you don’t necessarily have to get metal brackets and wires.

The Damon braces system offers cosmetic alternatives to conventional braces, including tooth-colored ceramic brackets. Although visible when you’re looking up close, cosmetic braces are far less noticeable during casual social settings.

Same Day Start

You have a busy life. Between work, the kids, and taking care of your home or enjoying your favorite hobbies, there’s not much time to spare. You’re worried that investing in braces at this point in your life may just be too much for your schedule to handle.

Fortunately, Damon braces are great for busy adults! If you’re in our Colleyville specialist’s practice for a consultation and you decide to move forward with treatment, we can start your braces on the very same day. We’ll book your follow-up visits to be as infrequent and efficient as possible, usually only 15-20 minutes every six weeks!

Advantages of Damon Braces for Adults

You’ve waited years for braces, and it’s not too late to finally invest in yourself. It’s not just straighter teeth you’ll get to enjoy; Damon orthodontics can also help you to manage and reduce the risk of problems like:

  • Gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Tooth decay

…not to mention, the cosmetic benefits it will have on your self-confidence! If you’re thinking of applying for that new job, Damon braces can help you look your best.

No Referrals Necessary

Our board-certified DFW Damon orthodontist accepts referrals from your current dentist, but new patients can call our office directly. As a multi-specialty practice, we provide advanced services that aren’t typically available in a family dental office.

Our specialists provide the specific type of service that you need, and communicate closely with your general dentist to ensure the best care possible. Call our Colleyville orthodontist, Dr. Keith Anderson, today to book a consultation. Be sure to ask about our flexible orthodontic payment options!