Invisalign is the leader in clear, removable orthodontic aligners. In lieu of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of translucent trays to move your teeth.

Instead of having your braces adjusted by an orthodontist, our Invisalign patients change their aligners out on their own, every two weeks. You’ll get to enjoy a straighter smile from the convenience of your own home!

Is it Too Late to Get Invisalign?

You’re never too old to talk about straightening your smile! In fact, Invisalign is a great investment if you’re experienced problems like:

  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Crowding or shifting in your bite
  • Recurrent tooth decay
  • Worn teeth and dental restorations
  • Embarrassment, caused by the way your teeth look

Many of our North Texas Invisalign patients are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even well into retirement! Invisalign was designed for adults, so don’t mistake yourself that it’s just for someone a few decades younger.

Fewer, Shorter Appointments

Invisalign is mapped out digitally, so there’s no need to have your braces “adjusted” every month. Our specialists will only need to see you for a few minutes every other month to make sure you’re progressing properly. At these appointments you will pick up your next several sets of aligners to bring home with you (progressing to the next set every two weeks.)

Eat Whatever You Want!

Don’t like the idea of a restricted diet because of brackets and wires? With Invisalign, all you have to do is remove your aligners at meal time. Eat or drink whatever you want; there’s no risk of something popping off because of a food’s texture or firmness.

Easy Home Care and Maintenance

Our Invisalign patients have an easier time caring for their teeth, because brushing and flossing is straightforward. You won’t need any special tools or appliances to clean between teeth or under wires. Just brush and floss as normal! You can clean your aligner with a toothbrush and tap water, or soak it in a denture cleansing solution to loosen any buildup that has accumulated.

The Digitally Mapped Advantage

We communicate directly with Invisalign labs, where your aligners are made. The entire series is mapped out in advance, so you know what to expect before treatment even starts. In some cases, our North Texas orthodontist, Dr. Keith Anderson, can show you a virtual replica of what your results will look like before you even start the treatment.

Why drive all over DFW when you can receive multi-specialty care with our team of experts in North Texas? Call us today to book your Invisalign consultation!